The Newlyweds star jokes about her pups' relationship to her newborn.

on Sep 12, 2013 - The Dish

Newlyweds: The First Year stars Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen welcomed a newborn, Tarz, a.k.a "Tarzie," in June. It's the first child for the married couple. And over the next few months, Tina will be sending dispatches about motherhood and sharing them with the Dish: she'll open up about everything from decorating her nursery to little Tarzie's first milestones. Check back for more updates. This week, Tina explains why it's torturous raising a newborn—but it's not for the reasons you think.

*Before I even begin my circuitous blabbing, I just want to let you guys know that I will be performing as well as hosting a really fun "Family Feud" style game with Tarz at The Pink Runway this year! Come join Tarz and I for an incredibly important cause!

I've been writing updates about both Baby-Tarz and about my doggies as well. I mean, I just updated you guys on Tarzie like a week ago and newborns just do not do that much in the first couple months! Do you really want me to write a blog that’s all about how he eats, sleeps, and poops all day? (Well, he did start drooling last week, so I guess I could write a 4 page blog about that...maybe I’ll save that precious gem for next time.)

Anyway, let’s just get right to my choice of blog-title since I’m sure you’re all wondering (and probably praying) that my dog did not, in fact, eat my baby. Well, it did! But only in my dreams. While pregnant, I used to have these recurring nightmares that one of my two precious doggies would come up to me and be like "Hey Mama, I found this mouse! Aren't I awesome?!" Then they would drag the mouse all over the house like a proud trophy. Only, the "mouse" would actually be my newborn child!

Let me just give you a little background so that I don’t seem totally crazy here. (Although, if you watched Newlyweds, there’s really nothing I can say to prove my sanity.)

So, not sure why, but I grew up absolutely terrified of all dogs. I remember my neighbor had a little dog, Bo Bo, and this thing was like the size of Tarzie—but when it got loose, I would run like hell down the block screaming bloody murder. I wish I could defend myself by saying I was a tiny little girl at the time, but I'm talking about when I was like 12 or so. Imagine a 12-year-old (and I was really tall for my age) running down the block screaming bloody murder because she was being chased down the block by an adorable shih tzu or teacup maltese or miniature schnauzer or whatever that "scary beast" of a dog was. (I was the certainly the talk-of-the-block.)

SO I basically grew up thinking dogs were terrifying, vile creatures (I’m not proud of it, but I just didn’t know any better).

Enter Tarz.