Woman Spends Life Savings To Fly From Prague To Denver To Meet a Tinder Date

Her father even wanted pictures of her tattoos in case he had to identify the body. 

Experts say you’re not supposed to go chasing guys—but one woman flew from her home in Prague, Czech Republic to Denver, Colorado, to meet a man she met on Tinder.

Veronika Dolezelova, 24, revealed she spent her savings to fly 5,000 miles around the world to meet Bryan Davis, 42, in March. The two ended up not meeting in the middle after Bryan had to catch a 12-hour flight back to his home in Denver and didn't have time to see Veronika, she explains on her blog.

But she planned to stay in America for three weeks, and they met and fell in love. They went on dates to the Rocky Mountains and local bars and restaurants. 

Favorite capture from #Redrocks #nationalpark #rockymountains #colorado #usatrip ❤️🇺🇸🌠🦄

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Veronika's father tried to stop her from traveling and demanded pictures of her tattoos in case he needed to identify her dead body. 

“With eight hours time difference and entire ocean between us, at first it seemed like there was really little chance that both of us could ever meet. But we chatted every day and soon we started to plan my trip,” she said. “But my dad was furious. He thought the worst—that Bryan wasn't real, that he was a bad guy trying to take advantage of some poor naive girl. He thought it would be like a scene from the Taken movie with Liam Neeson. My family thought I could be raped, or just disappear. Bryan's family were nervous, too. For them I was just some strange girl from eastern Europe that wanted to make advantage of their son - marry him, get a green card, stay in the US, and after that get rid of him.”

"I'm back at Prague (Czech republic), but I won't ever forget my three weeks of amazing adventure #usatrip I recently did with my buddy and love #BryanDavis. 
"This trip was really unique, not just because I was able to get myself into USA, but I had a chance to meet this precious guy. We have really amazing story to share with you. Before my trip to Colorado, we never meet each other in person. It was a ridiculous.
"How it happened to us that we were able to find each other even over the world through this app? It was huge coincidence. Bryan was at Prague for a few days three months ago and that have done the magic. Modern fairytale. And after three months of friendship through dating app we were able to meet each other. And it changed our life," she captioned one shot on her Instagram.

And the Gardens of the Gods. #usatrip #gardensofthegods #rockymountains #coloradosprings

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Veronika flew home and the two thought they would never meet again, but they continued talking when Bryan reached home. 

“I still can't describe in words how happy I am to have made the trip to meet Bryan after talking online for so long,” Veronica adds. “I can't believe that I've met my dating app crush in person. It has changed my life and I'm already saving up to go back again.”

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