'Out' Takes

Episode 2: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor thinks Andrew should be a professional bridesmaid dress model.

on Sep 12, 20120

Jenni decides that Jeff should come help her plan the wedding. Clearly Jenni was in a love-infused haze, because there's just no way that would turn out well. So let's take a look at Jeff's adventures in wedding planning and see if Jenni came to regret her decision.

Stop No. 1 - The National Hellenic Museum

Jenni, Jeff, and Andrew find themselves at the venue for the rehearsal dinner. Basically it's like a giant Ancient Greek play land full of Trojan horses and artifacts. There's also a chest of authentic Greek garb -- togas, the works. This of course led to the team trying it all on, the best fashion moment being Andrew's (a recurring theme in this episode).

Safe to say they've found the perfect place for the playful Ms. Pulos.


Jeff Lewis!!! You are by far, 100%, hands down, no question......my all time favorite reality star!!!  Actually, you're entire team is great!!!  You all are the only group of people on tv that are not completely annoying!!!  Hahaha! You make me feel normal....I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing b/c my family considers me to be annoyingly OCD/I get annoyed very easy/and hate mediocrity....hmmm! I'm happy though. Good luck! Hope you stay on tv forever so I have something to DVR!! :)  love love love you!  Cheers!!!