Flight Makes Emergency Landing (Again) Thanks to Passenger's Terrifying Name for Wi-Fi Hotspot

STILL not funny.

Some people just can’t stop themselves from giving their Wi-Fi networks stupid names: Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi. Wu Tang Lan. Bill Wi the Science Fi. It Burns When IP. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot. You get the picture.

Anyway, you’re welcome to be a pun-pandering nerd in the privacy of your own home. But maybe when you’re in a public space, take your dumb humor down a notch. Try to be a little less clever and a little more considerate. Maybe don’t name your Wi-Fi “VIRUS” or “NSA Surveillance 4.”

And y’know what? If you’re on an airplane? Definitely don’t name it “Bomb on Board."

A Turkish Airlines flight en route from Nairobi to Istanbul had to make an emergency landing after the crew discovered a passenger had done just that. Upon landing, the plane was evacuated and thoroughly inspected, inconveniencing over 100 travelers for hours.

Eventually, the plane was given the all-clear and continued on its journey without incident. Authorities did not reveal if they knew which passenger had pulled the stunt, although they did confirm that the naming had occurred in-flight.

This seems to be something of a trend: Last year, a Qantas flight was severely delayed because of a Wi-Fi network named “Mobile Detonation Device." We kindly ask you, fellow travelers, to cool it with the public-facing terrorism jokes. Isn’t flying excruciating enough as it is?

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