Twitter Is Freaking Out Because the New Trump Robot in Disney's Hall of Presidents Looks Like Hillary Clinton

Is this a conspiracy? Or just an ugly robot?

If you’ve ever been to Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, you’re well aware that the renderings of the robo-POTUSes are sometimes…questionable. Even former Presidents Obama and Kennedy — who are both objectively handsome — look like Madame Tussauds’ rejects.

So nobody expected Disney’s newest addition, President Trump, to be a spitting image. But we also weren’t anticipating what we got: a robot that looks less like Trump, and a lot more like his election opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Robot President Trump’s browline, nose, and lips all look distinctly feminine, and even his jowls have Clintonesque folds. Naturally, the Internet exploded with speculation that the Hall of Presidents mechanics and artists began working pre-election, assumed Hillary would win, and as such, began work on a Clinton bot, before hurriedly refashioning it as Trump.

Adding fuel to this fire is the fact that The Hall of Presidents closed right after Trump took office in January — ostensibly for “renovations” — and was set to open its doors again in June. But the reopening was delayed until December, only adding to speculation that this was all part of a Would-Have-Been-President-Clinton robot cover-up.

The Internet is not-so-patiently waiting for Disney to respond to the accusations. Because, y’know, if there’s anywhere that’s a safe space for responsible discourse, it’s politics on social media. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you be the judge:

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