Chris March

Chris dishes on his larger-than-life experience with Jennifer Coolidge

on Oct 18, 2011

First off, she is (as you might imagine from her off-kilter sense of humor) all over the place communication-wise. One minute she is serious and business like, the next she is hitting on the cameraman and doing a strip-tease. A rollercoaster ride of gigantic proportions. Speaking of gigantic proportions, we got very little in the way of measurements for her, and tried to add up how tall she would be. We figured 5' 9" at the very tallest. When she opened the door at her exquisite mansion in New Orleans, she was like the attack of the 50-foot woman! She is so very tall and imposing in person. I was taken aback. Also, she is amazingly beautiful...with the prettiest eyes, most gorgeous skin, and of course, super sexy legs that start at the floor and end at the ceiling. I was afraid our short cocktail dress would end up looking like a napkin!