Kari Wells

Kari explains why she doesn't belive salon gossip and shares what she thought of Quad's dog charity event.

on Apr 26, 2013

It was nice to see that all of the ladies are finally starting to move on from the drama -- and of course it is back to work for me and the doctors.

I always have a lot of work at the office and now with our new medical building, I need to make sure that all of the floors get rented out to doctors or hospital groups that will be a good fit for the building. It keeps me very busy, but I enjoy what I do.

Watching some of these events right now, I realize everything that unfolded and all of the pain that everybody went through was based on some alleged salon gossip.

I try to never to listen to gossip or believe it, and I always try and protect the names of those not present. Most of the time, it is made-up or exaggerated and I think we can all see the pain and repercussions spreading gossip can have on people and their families.

Some of us are parents and some of us are doctors, but none of us would ever set out to hurt a child. After getting to know Toya, I find it very hard to believe that she would ever gossip about Lauren; she is a mother herself and she was also an adopted by her stepfather. Nonetheless, Mariah believes it, and I am deeply saddened for the pain that this is now causing her. Of course, as a mother, she would want to protect her child, but NOT listening to gossip may have been the best way to do just that, or at least confirming the truth before acting on it.