Kari Wells

Kari doesn't think it's snobby to choose to not be around grown women like Mariah and Toya that resort to violence.

on Apr 11, 2013

As I prepare my thoughts for this week's blog about Married To Medicine here on Bravo, I find myself filled with many things that I would like to say. But the words of my wise, old mother, run through my head "Least said soonest mended."

Of course the fight scene was very hard to watch. It happened on what was otherwise a beautiful evening. Please understand that I am seeing some of this footage for the very first time. I too was trying to piece together what happened in an attempt to still get my head around it.

It was one of the worst nights of my life, with the sorrow that I felt for all of those people at the party, for all of our guests, the staff, my dear husband Duncan, Aydin, the wonderful musician, but mainly for Mariah's guests. I shed many tears that night, and both Duncan and I were in complete shock.