Mariah Huq

Mariah explains how she ties the group together and thanks Kari for her "compliment."

on Mar 24, 2013

#Yaaass she's here! The queen bee is in the building, and ready to check your pulse as you become Married to Medicine. Why am I the Queen B you ask? Let's explore: I am sassy soccer mom, saucy doctor's wife, savvy entrepreneur and sophisticated socialite. Yes I am definitely the queen B. B as in boss, business, bold, beautiful and best!

As you can see I am extremely versatile and the only one with the capability and patience to bring all these women from different walks of life together. I love my time with my friends because each of them are very different and offer a unique perspective. A fab, fun, fabulous wife (my Quad), a relatable working mom (Dr. Simone), a polished professional (Dr. Jackie), a sexy socialite (Kari), and a snug stay-at-home mom (Toya).

Let me be clear, being married to medicine is no easy feat. It really is #deep. and the stress and sacrifice can cause you to have some serious heart palpitations -- if you don't deal with all in small doses. So, surrounding yourself with others who are familiar with the sacrifices of the medical lifestyle is essential.

Bringing all the ladies together to celebrate my birthday was extremely important to me. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to integrate my friends. I imagined we were all mature and opened-minded enough to accept one another for our similarities as well as our differences.