Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad says Jackie is channeling Reese Witherspon, Toya is in Messyville, and that Kari is no victim.

on May 5, 2013

All this judgement. All this judgement. I thought they would have taken a note or two from my suggestion a couple episodes ago when I told them we all can benefit from an etiquette class.

Now back to this episide. Toya you are still messing around in Messyville USA 30311. Fake as ever! I see you seeking to earn accolades for a degree you haven't earned. #delusional

If only a Lemon Squeeze could bring some sweetness back into this relationship, we would all be so fortunate. But Mrs. Tacky Toya with the feather earrings trend of the past, you WRONG! You know you WRONG as the day is LOOOOONG. . .your STYLIST too!

A PUPPETMASTER? I won't even dignify that with a response because I would unleash this written assault against you. #hookedonphonics #illiterate I have a degree and it is on my wall. It's obvious you missed the Dewey Decimal System class at the library.

It is simply crazy to me how you think divulging Mariah's business to people is doing absolutely nothing wrong. A child should never be the topic of discussion especially with a malicious intent to destroy or harm an adult.