Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad gives you a lesson in psychiatry and has some choice words about what Toya and Kari see in the mirror.

on Mar 24, 2013

Personally, I wouldn't let Toya park a car, serve a cocktail, or bus a table at my wedding. When you are getting married it's more than just an event. You want people around who support your union, someone who really has your best interest at heart and since she held onto a text message and brought it up three months after I was married she is clearly making my point that she is malicious, manipulative, messy, and menstruating. #bloodymary

She tried to confront me by saying "Who would marry a man who would call off a wedding?" How dare she? That's the pot calling the kettle black. Her wedding was called off too! #catchthatdirt

Unlike Toya I did not have to devise a scheme to get a home or a husband. I meet my husband by chance while shopping for groceries. She on the other hand, pulled a desperate move by shopping for a husband speed dating, LMAO.

In referring to me, Toya said she can see ghetto a mile away. Hontey, she can see ghetto in her compact mirror.