Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone Whitmore spills on Kari's humor, Dr. Jackie's walk, Mariah's party, and Quad's immaturity.

on Apr 5, 2013

The Doctor is in and Inspired!

I would like to start the blog this week thanking all of my patients, friends, family, and Tweethearts for all of the positive comments and feedback, especially Funky Dineva for so much love! It is very gratifying to hear from so many wonderful people and all of the great stories being shared with me.  To all my young friends out there, please keep striving to do your best, make sure you dream big, and know that you are smart enough and good enough to achieve your goals.

Now let's address the show. The planning for the birthday party for Dr. Duncan and Dr. Aydin has definitely started out rocky. Mariah was going to do everything in her power to get Quad invited to this party. Kari has a very strange sense of humor, and I have to admit that I don't get her jokes or humor most of the time. I think Mariah hit her with one low blow, but Kari definitely out-threw Mariah on the low blows at the wine tasting. I wonder if Kari gets just how low some of the blows are.  Mariah's comment "Google is great" was funny. I am glad they decided to get past the petty jabs and work together to get the party planned.