Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone is disappointed by the ladies' behavior and thinks this isn't the Mariah she knows.

on Apr 12, 2013

The doctor is in and deeply saddened by tonight's events.

The show started out great with Dr. Jackie performing a surgery on one of her patients. For medical students and residents, this is what you can expect when you start practicing medicine. Surgery is a very exciting part of our job and it is always a blessing when the surgery is a success.

It was fun to go to Life Fit Studio and joke around with Dr. Jackie and her trainer, Alec. I worked out at the studio for a few weeks, but Alec is too tough for me (plus I hate working out!). Dr. Jackie loves to work out, and she is very serious when it comes to her workout. She put me out of the studio, but trust me, I was leaving really soon.

Going to the cigar store was an experience for me. I went with Toya to get a gift for Dr. Aydin and Dr. Duncan. She is a real cigar smoker and was excited about smoking a cigar, choosing a gift, and talking about what was going on with the ladies. As I mentioned to Toya, I believe Quad gets emotional after Mariah talks about what is going on with the ladies. I hate to see Quad upset by others' petty behavior.