Toya Bush-Harris

Toya thinks that Quad doesn't understand the ramifications of her actions because she isn't a mother.

on May 19, 2013

So excited for my family visiting! Eugene and I both decided to start our family in Atlanta, but at the expense of not having our immediate family close. Our families live hours away, and we try to show them how much we love and miss them every time they visit. Our mothers are both very protective and take every opportunity to express how proud they are of us. Cooking a gourmet meal with the help of Chef Chris turned out fabulous. We made it a point to keep negativity away from our household and conversations. I will not waste precious time with my family discussing petty drama.

Lucy, aka Carrie Lightfoot, aka Mariah's mom talking in such a negative way about myself and Kari as if they're perfect and without judgement is terrible. Perfect people don't have to take on a new name or identity. You would think the fighting was enough. Mariah and I both are very ashamed of the situation and hopefully we will continue to keep negative people and their opinions at arms reach. We are mothers, wives, Christians, and examples for others to follow, so let's act like it. Seriously, I'm getting mad at how much they continue to discuss her daughter's situation. It needs to stop! One compliment, one innocent comment does not warrant a whole season of discussion.

I'm sorry Jackie and Simone continue to be forced to deal with the immature cattiness.  The WOW Grand Opening was a beautiful success and deserved nothing but positivity. But I commend them for their efforts once again of bringing everyone together. I think Simone and Jackie are starting to see that in this circle, even an apology isn't enough and some people just love drama. High school behavior in adults is just ridiculous and it makes you wonder why some people find it entertaining. I think a lesson in adult friendships is necessary all around!