Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole talks the stresses of putting on a fashion show and why she didn't want "toxic people" like Mariah there.

on Jul 2

Hello Married To Medicine Darlings,

Thank you for tuning in again to another week of doctors and doctors' wives. This week is exciting for me as I get to share with the world my newest business endeavor which is the Lisa Nicole Collection. October will make three years since I debuted my first collection. It's been such a great experience. I've learned so much over the last three years about building a fashion empire, and this year I'm taking it to the next level as I explore options with department stores, increasing our boutique locations, and opening the first Lisa Nicole Signature Boutique. On this episode I am showing my 2014 Spring, Fall, and Signature Collections. I pray you enjoy the Lisa Nicole Fashion Experience.

We open this episode with Quad and Toya heading to appear in court for Reco Chapple. Mariah put out a restraining order and filed charges against him for assault. "Wow" is the only word I can think of as I write this blog. While Reco did get pretty loud and enraged at the Ladies of Atlanta fashion show, he did not put his hands on her. I personally don't think he would have done anything to harm her-- but I do feel he wanted to talk to Mariah. When she gave him the cheek and her mom put her hand in his face, I think it struck a chord and Reco went from 0 to 100 very quickly. I definitely think Reco's words and tone were out-of-order, since he is a man, but a restraining order was very extreme. I think it was Mariah's way of trying to get back at Reco for (in her mind) creating some of the tension in the friendship between she and Quad. For every action we see on this show, there is a direct reaction from other parties. I hope Reco and Mariah figure out a way to discuss their differences. Their friendship goes back 20 years and it's sad to see such a lifelong friendship get destroyed over something small that they should be able to work through. For Reco's sake and their friendship, I'm glad the judge dismissed the charges.

Next we catch Dwight and I having one of our many pre-fashion show arguments. I admit, I am a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak. I like things to go smoothly and as planned -- and when they don't, my alter ego Nikki comes out. Nikki is no nonsense and has a sharp tongue. If provoked she can go there! I try to keep her under wraps but under stress, it never fails. She shows up and in this scene you meet a little of Nikki.

Some of the samples were messed up and some of the models were too big to fit them. We had close to 75 models in this show and we need every one of them for the show to run smoothly. So I was freaking out that the garments were not fitting. Dwight tries to keep me calm, but I'm not hearing it because it's my name, brand, and reputation that is on the line. All I know is he better put on his "Big Boy Panties" and handle this ish quickly before Nikki really shows up.

On to Mariah and her friends at the Cinnamon Girl photo shoot. I'm glad to see Mariah is developing another business. One thing about the ladies on this show, is most of us are about our business. We are enterprising and we don't rely on the success of our spouses to determine our financial status. The weight management industry is big business and if she has an excellent product and marketing plan, she will do well. It will take more than pretty faces at a photo shoot however to be successful in the market place as there are lots of competitors in this space. Best of luck Mariah. I wish you much success.

As for the comments about Reco and what the streets were saying about him and his circle of friends -- be careful listening to the streets. Most of the time the talk is just idle chatter. I've heard discussions about you and some of your recreational activities but considering the source was "the streets" I chalked it up as idle chatter. "What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth."