Chris Leavitt

Chris Leavitt updates us on the status of his Brickell listing.

on Aug 7

Brickell is really at the epicenter of Miami's booming downtown, and the competition with new buildings popping up left and right is fierce.

I was advising my new clients of this and making them aware that pricing is so key. Sometimes comps don't matter, but in this building they do when you have your neighbor's apartment on the market as well!

Finally they listened to me and listened to me again when I was time to reduce.

The wife of the owner is a nutritionist, so I thought it would be cute to have an open house geared towards healthy living. I served juices instead of cocktails, had yoga teachers to teach people how to do some relaxing poses when life gets stressful, and an antioxidant reader to test everyone's antioxidant levels. I was shocked at how low some of these peoples levels were!