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Chris: Sam's a Fighter

Chris commends Sam for going to Chad's open house, but wishes she wouldn't have brought up useless drama there.

Poor Sam! I have to say despite our differences, it brought tears to my eyes to see her lose Chloe Chanel. I have lost dogs tragically before and it is like losing a family member. I was debilitated for weeks after. I think that Sam is tough and picked herself up. She even went to Chad's open house to support him. This shows me she can handle anything and is why she will grow to be a good broker because she doesn't sit and stew. She's a fighter.

I don't know if Chad knew that her dog died, but he must have. I thought he was very insensitive to be that harsh with her. But Sam -- don't dig for things to pick on Chad about. Who cares if his photo isn't on the listing? He just got it and had an open house right away and probably didn't have time to get them redone. Not important and really doesn't matter!!! I call this useless drama. Seeing her crying at the end and saying "what evil people," I assume she was speaking about Chad not me. All I did was pose for a few photos, show my client the house, get my brand new Stubbs and Wooten slippers wet from the synchronized swimmers, and then left. So she better not have been referring to me. Were you Sam???

OK now on to the best part: me! For all of those who don't know Miami real estate very well, we are having a boom of pre-construction projects coming on the market. There are a lot to chose from, but very few have the wow factor and have architectural significance. What I mean by architectural significance is when a building is done by a world famous architect and will dramatically change the skyline and stick out as being a departure from what already exists. The building that my client buys in is that. If you look at the renderings of the building the building is built on a skeleton, so there are no columns inside the apartments. It is incredibly futuristic and something that this country has never seen before.

Even though I'm dealing with a 20-year-old, this kid knows what he is doing. He's tough, and he actually challenged me!

I got my client in right at the beginning, so there was no negotiating. In fact they were about to have a price increase, but because of my persistence and a long standing relationship with the muscle queen Harvey at the sales center, I was able to get a token discount to satisfy my clients unwillingness to pay full price. I understand his mentality, and I never pay full price. I'll negotiate the price of a stamp!

Thank you for all your support and keep watching!

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