Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik says why he took Luis under his wing, the lesson he was hoping to teach, and what he ended up learning.

on Jun 19, 2013

OK, OK, OK, OK, OK!!! So much to discuss! So many opinions! So much green tea!!!

Before you judge me, or Luis for that matter, I want to try to explain something important about filming a reality show. It is like going to bed with the devil. Why? Because you get fame, your business explodes and it is fun, BUT you also get to see down deep into your own ugliness. A reality show is like a mirror of who you are, and it is not always easy to watch yourself.

I hate myself for throwing that green tea over Luis. It doesn't matter that he didn't listen to my advice, nor that he went against it, that I sold the apartment at full ask and all cash despite his low ball offer and smoky flapper party (which I paid for in the end). It doesn't matter that he was swearing and was aggressive to me on the roof top. I shouldn't have thrown the green tea over him. Period. I am twice his size, probably twice his age, and have sold a million more apartments than him. It was wrong of me and there is no excuse.