Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik says why he took Luis under his wing, the lesson he was hoping to teach, and what he ended up learning.

on Jun 19, 2013

Thank god for Derek. I kind of knew it was wrong of me, but I did it in the heat of the moment, and I snapped in defense when Luis jumped on me. But it is still not OK, and Derek made me realize exactly that and why I need to apologize to Luis. I don't want to have any enemies. The city is too small. The brokerage community is too small. It is not who Fredrik is, not the Fredrik that Derek loves. And I do like Luis. I always liked him. Remember: I never NEEDED his help. It was never about that. I truly wanted to work with him -- that is why I invited him to work with me. I took him under my wings and tried to make it work. I like his energy and I like his passion. He just has a little too much energy and a little too much passion sometimes for his own good.

I am going to try to apologize to Luis. To be continued. . .

111 Mercer is an exciting project because I am more hands-on than ever. I pick out my own finishes and put everything on-the-line by promising the developer sky-rocketing high and record prices. It is a risky strategy, but I like risk when the reward is huge. This developer owns 15 buildings in Soho, and I am not driven by the commission checks (truly, I am not), but driven to set records and get everyone in the industry talking.

In the short 11 years I have been doing real estate in New York City I have become the go-to guy for new development. 95 percent of all real estate agents, even those with larger teams, never get to work on their own new development projects unfortunately. I think it's because no one ever explained to them just how rewarding new development can be.