Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik is ready for the fans to see more of his personal life -- and to see what kind of a person Ryan Serhant really is.

on May 8, 2013

I’m back!!! HIGH KICK!!!

New season, new deals, new drama. . .and new LOVE! I have invested so much of myself into this season and I hope you will enjoy it. I close 38 deals at a total value of over $100 million in the upcoming 12 episodes, and perhaps most importantly: I get married (as I am sure you have seen in the trailers).

Things are still crazy for me, actually more crazy than ever because my team has grown, and I am really at the top of my game -- with all the responsibilities and pressure that comes with it. But, I feel like I have more balance with Derek in my life and being engaged. At least I am trying to get more balance. It is amazing for the first time in my life to be able after an insane day at work to come back to a warm home and home cooked dinner with the dogs and Derek painting. I am hopeful you will love him as much as I do and get to know him over the season too.