Glenn Pakulak

Glenn shares his strategy for having no regrets.

on Sep 26, 2011

Some people say you are going to regret it, or you may lose her forever, or that she is going to be the one that got away. Maybe there is some truth to that, but I would rather just always follow my heart and the outcome will always work itself out the way it is supposed to. If you do that, you can never regret anything! I have never once in my life followed my heart and regretted it! So if my heart leads me back to Rebecca, I definitely won't regret that either! 

I wanted everyone to stop by before the Brett Dennen concert so that they could meet Rebecca! Courtney decided to play a game of twenty-one questions, which was fine, because I totally prepped Rebecca for something of the sort. Rebecca and I had a lot of fun dancing at the concert, we both have a strong passion for great music, and she can sing like it is nobody's business!