Glenn Pakulak

Glenn explains his strategy for beating Matt at the Bachelor Auction.

on Aug 30, 2011

When Drew ultimately won the date but passed it on to Courtney, I thought that it was so thoughtful and generous of him to bid that amount of money just so he could send Courtney on the date with me! It was funny for me to hear Courtney talk for the first time about our "margarita kiss night." She compared it to a couple of thirteen-year-olds making out. I know I never kissed anyone like that when I was thirteen... Must have been the margaritas! That being said, I was looking forward to the date with her. Courtney is the type of girl who is really fun to hang out with and allows you to be comfortable. (Unless you have blonde hair and like Matt.) 

We had a lot of fun. We went to the Landon Winery and had amazing wines and cheeses and the flirting began. It was nice to see a little of that from Courtney, who always acts guarded and closed, so I rolled with it. Then we headed over to the Nylo hotel for an amazing dinner where the fun and flirtatious conversation continued. The thing with Courtney and me is that we can totally act like that and not have to worry about taking each other too seriously. After dinner we went up to the suite and had some champagne and chocolate strawberries, some more flirting, and ultimately the night ended with no kiss! I was OK with this, because it was a fun night. Courtney truly is a good girl! I was just thinking from the way we were flirting that she wanted another one of those "thirteen-year-old" kisses… What did you guys think? Have a wonderful week! Until next time!