If Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are Really (Still!) Trying to Keep Their Relationship Private, They're Failing

The (maybe?) secret couple leaves separately ... then hops into the same car. 

By attempting to keep their relationship out of the press, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have — surprise! — gotten a lot of press. It's been bewildering yet fascinating to watch the duo try to maintain their privacy, and just. keep. trying. Here's just one example:  

For their latest kind of private outing, Foxx and Holmes went out for a dinner date in New Orleans. ET reports that both actors are currently working in the city, and had dinner together at Restaurant R'evolution in the French Quarter. But after having dinner at the same table, and perhaps even gazing at each other lovingly over some seafood gumbo, the couple left separately ... only to hop into the same car. 

Of note: The date came hours after rumors of an engagement began swirling, since Holmes was spotted wearing a ring on that finger. Later, we learned that the ring was probably just a prop from the film she's working on, but still. The point is, the relationship is hardly a secret at this point, so why keep up the half facade? 

In the end, alas, it is the couple's decision to be public, or not, or half-public. After all, Foxx and Holmes not alone in (kind of) wanting to keep things to themselves — David Foster and Katherine McPhee employed the same tactic, and look who really is engaged now? 

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