What's the Latest on Naomie and Craig's Relationship? We Have the Scoop!

We watched this couple face some serious ups and downs this season...how are they doing now?

It was a rocky road for Naomie and Craig this season. Their honeymoon phase ended and the blame game began. Naomie resented Craig for making her help cover his law school lie, while Craig was sensitive about his budding career that took longer than expected to bloom. This season we even saw the couple attend couples' therapy. Luckily, the therapy helped, and the two are in a much better place. Watch them give an update on their relationship above.

As for their beloved cat, Gizmo? He is one baller. Gizmo has been spending his summer sunbathing at his grandparents' home and enjoying a bunch of free gifts. We think he's the real winner. Watch Gizmo's parents gush about him below!

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Craig and Naomie Gush Over Gizmo
Hear what the couple has to say about their beloved cat.
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