Chelsea Meissner Reveals Her Thoughts on Both Shep and Austen

And dishes on who is the better kisser...


Southern Charm's Cameran Eubanks tried to play matchmaker and set her good friend, Chelsea Meissner up with her other good friend, Shep Rose. Although Shep and Chelsea did hang out, when she met Austen Kroll there seemed to be a pretty immediate connection and chemistry between the two. Watch Chelsea's vlog above as she explains the differences between the two bachelors. And then watch her reveal who the better kisser is in the video below (the answer might surprise you!).

Southern Charm
Who's a Better Kisser? Shep or Austen?
Chelsea reveals the answer to Cameran.

What did Chelsea think of her first date with Austen? Find out now!

Southern Charm
Chelsea Opens up About Her First Date With Austen
Find out why he had three strikes against him.

And watch Chelsea reveal what her ideal guy looks like...

Southern Charm
Chelsea's Ideal Guy
Chelsea is not a fan of guys that take selfies!
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