Patricia Altschul Explains Why She'd Never Eat This Food: "I Just Can't Do It"

The Southern Charm caftan purveyor has her limits.

We already know what happened when Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul tried to go vegan: It didn't end well. 

"I’ve tried to be a vegan like [son] Whitney [Sudler-Smith}," Partricia recently told The Feast. "That lasted two weeks and I gained four pounds. I don’t know how he lost weight, but I certainly didn’t."

Yes, it turns out Patricia's all about a diet involving meat: Although she eats little in the first part of the day, she typically goes for a big, meaty meal come dinnertime. "For dinner I’ll have like a leg of lamb, or a galantine of turkey, or something major — and two vegetables," she told us.

But even though her stint with veganism was short lived, and even though she favors hearty, meaty dinners, Patricia does draw her own line.

So, The Feast asked, what's something she would never eat? Well, for a starters: "Brains. Tripe."

But other than those subjectively unappetizing animal products, Patricia cited "cruelty" as a reason she wouldn't eat some other animals. "I won’t eat rabbit. I don’t like veal. I would never eat goose pate because of the cruelty that they enforced to get it," she said. "Rabbit to me is like eating Bambi — so I just can’t do it."

Fair conclusion.

While Patricia was spilling her dietary intel, she wanted us to know this too: She doesn't just sit around and drink martinis all day; that's a misperception among Southern Charm viewers. She's down for exactly one per sitting.

Ultimately, Patricia's lifestyle approach might be best summarized this way: "I don’t exercise. I drink gin. I sleep late. I have many sins of that sort."

Just not rabbit meat.

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