Now We Know Exactly What Southern Charm's Patricia Altschul Eats in a Day

The Southern Charm-er reveals what fuels her (apart from gin).

Regular Southern Charm viewers may think that Patricia Altschul subsists only on gin martinis. In fact — that's a misperception that Patricia was eager to clear up when she sat down with The Feast recently in Los Angeles. She also let us in on more about what does keep her going from morning to night. 

It turns out, the kaftan purveyor saves most of her calories for the evening, keeping her intake rather limited until dinner. "Usually I’ll have one cup of coffee in the morning, maybe nothing until lunch," she told The Feast. "Maybe a salad."

And then her appetite is ready for her biggest meal of the day. "And then for dinner I’ll have like a leg of lamb, or a galantine of turkey, or something major — and two vegetables," she explained.

But she doesn't end the meal with a traditional dessert, although she does confess, "I have a sweet tooth." For Patricia, that means, "I don’t eat dessert, but I like candy. I like cheap candy. I'm ashamed, too."
Oh? Do tell more!

"I mean candy corn, See's candy." (She's even called these foods her "Kryptonite.")

We pointed out that candy corn can be rather controversial: It seems most people either love it or hate it. This surprised Patricia: "I can’t imagine not liking candy corn. Although I draw the line at marshmallow Peeps."

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