Here’s What Happened When Patricia Altschul Tried to Go Vegan

The Southern Charm-er gave the diet a go — once.

Contrary to what may be a popular misperception among Southern Charm viewers, Patricia Altschul does not overindulge on gin martinis. In fact, when the kaftan purveyor sat down with The Feast in Los Angeles, she broke down for us everything she eats in a typical day. (Spoiler: She saves most of her calories for over-the-top dinners, and eschews fancy desserts in favor of the cheap stuff.)

So, other than her food preferences, does she limit herself to specific restrictions? "People ask me what diet I’m on," she mused. "It depends on the week."

Indeed, she's tried different approaches over time, including a surprising experiment with veganism. I’ve tried to be a vegan like [son] Whitney [Sudler-Smith}," she said. But it didn't go well: "That lasted two weeks and I gained four pounds."

Weight gain even without those legs of lamb, and galantines of turkey she told us she typically eats for dinner now? Well, yes — and it makes logical sense. To feel full as a vegan, she was eating a lot of "rice, and pasta" she told us. "I don’t know how he lost weight, but I certainly didn’t."

Patricia's stint with veganism was one among many diets she's tried over the years, but ultimately nothing has fundamentally affected her statuesque figure despite any specific tweaks to her consumption. "There’s a different diet every week but nothing ever changes," she told The Feast. "I still weight the same year after year, no matter what diet I try."

Beyond that, Patricia added, "I don’t exercise. I drink gin. I sleep late. I have many sins of that sort."

Hey, whatever works.

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