Tabatha Coffey

What made Tabatha Coffey want to toss her cookies?

on Oct 9, 2008

It was very helpful to have a professional therapist there and the entire salon staff seemed lightened by the experience.

While the staff marketed the salon, I wanted some alone time with Candolyn. She really seemed to regain some focus and realized that she needed to delegate and take charge of herself and her business. Convincing her to paint the hideous mural was huge, and although she struggled to do it, I was happy that she led her staff and started to take control of her life and her salon. The experience really brought the salon closer together. They bonded as a team, and started to step up. I knew Shushan would be a great support and mentor to younger members of the staff, particularly Wendy and Sheri. I knew she would help guide and teach them, and take some pressure off Candolyn.

I was proud of Candolyn for putting Janice on probation, and for showing her staff she wasn't going to be a victim anymore.