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Kate Beckinsale Admits to Doing Something *Very* Savage to a Director Who Wronged Her

It's definitely best to stay on her good side — and watch your beverages.

Kate Beckinsale is usually considered a sweet person, the kind who wrote marriage proposals to her Hollywood teen heartthrobs. But cross her and you will likely regret it, as she admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

While playing Plead the Fifth, Andy Cohen told her that he heard that she once peed in the Thermos of a director who forced her to do a nude scene that she didn't want to do.

"Who was the director, and did you see him drinking out of the Thermos afterward?" he asked.

"Can I plead the fifth to half of the question?" she wondered, and then admitted, "Yeah, it was a gay hairdresser's idea."

She may never reveal who her victim is, but the message is loud and clear: Stay on Kate Beckinsale's good side at all times... or enjoy a literal taste of your own medicine.




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