Padma and Little Hands Take Mother-Daughter Style to a New Level

The #TopChef host and her daughter look pretty in pink while rocking matching bathing suits on vacation.

Need a little escape? Padma Lakshmi's Instagram account is here to help. The Top Chef host continues her trip across India with her daughter Krishna and have been setting social media on fire with their selfies. In addition to taking in the sights of India, the pair have even started dressing alike. While at a resort, Padma and Little Hands hit the pool in nearly identical pink-hued two piece sets complete with a little fringe and ruffle. 

"Maawm, it's so hot and bright!!!" "Um, yup we're in India" #lastdip #littlehands

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But the trip hasn't just been about twinning. The twosome have also been indulging in culinary delights — and, yes, even bathed some elephants. Basically Padma and Krishna have taken mother-daughter bonding to a whole new level.

Kind of like washing a car, but way more fun

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This beautiful little man, his name is actually Kuchumon, which mean little man in Malayalam, gave me the best meal of our entire trip (sorry Granny!) I have had. Keralan food is subtle and delicate and complicated and pure when done well. It is so far removed from what people think of as Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is much more regional than folks outside think. In the South we use more black pepper and tamarind and coconut than in Northern Indian food and it's very different. As is Gujarati food from Western India and wonderful Bengali food from the Eastern side of india. All these glorious regions have their own traditions and flavors and spices and ingredients. Kuchumon takes much pride in what he does and we had two versions of almost every dish, one mild for #littlehands and one spicy for me. Everything had been caught or slayed hours before it hit the pan and it was just divine. All while sailing on the backwaters. You are all about to get close ups of what we ate, but please understand that I didn't get a chance to ask what the exact recipes for each dish were. I was too busy licking my fingers!!! I really wished I could have taken leftovers back in my purse, but alas prawn curry mixed in with my 5 and 10 rupee notes are not allowed in my grandmas strictly Brahmin abode. We had a grand old time and I had to nap off my food coma while we floated through narrow straights of villages and flora so lush I felt like I was in a Joseph Conrad novel but without all the darkness I guess. But then I'm one of the natives after all!!!

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In case you need a break from all that vacation FOMO, check out some vintage Padma below.

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