Ryan Serhant Reveals What Happened After He Proposed

The #MDLNY star shares what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Ryan Serhant really went above and beyond when it came to proposing to longtime love Emilia Bechrakis by shutting down Times Square. The labor of love was heartfelt and emotional, and all of those feelings continued after the cameras stopped rolling. Ryan shared a special moment on Instagram of himself with his fiance and explained how magical it was to have the Crossroads of the World to themselves.

Posting a pic with his arms around Emilia, Ryan writes, “After I proposed, and @emilia_bachrakis stopped crying for a few minutes, we still had Times Square all to ourselves so the orchestra, which was playing a version of Little Talks by Monsters and Men (her favorite song) by the way, gave us our own little concert.”

”So there, a little girl from Greece and a little boy from Texas, stood next to the NYPD police barracks and had the heart of this incredible city all to ourselves,” he continues. “Thank you everyone for watching and coming on this crazy journey with me.”

Emilia recently opened up about the surreal moment on a special Bravo blog and particularly touched on the importance of the song. “When I heard the music playing I cried even more. The sound till this day gives me this knee jerk reaction. I cry without fail every time,” she says. “I later asked what they were playing and Ryan explained that he always heard me listen to my favorite song by Of Monsters and Men. That he remembered that time I explained why I would listen to it over and over again.”

”It was a song about deep love the kind of love that's with you until you are old and you lose your senses. The love of someone that will forever hold you and walk with you in every darkness and the love I have always searched for. He noticed all this. This entire time together he noticed me.”

She ends the blog with the sweetest message for her soon-to-be husband: "Ryan if you read this. You’ve given me a hope in life I never knew I would find." Aww!

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