Rachel Federoff

Ep 3: Rachel explains how she and Destin have updated their look... but knows that looks aren't everything.

on Jan 24, 2013


Yes, the vampire couple has embraced the almighty and powerful sun! Correction: the fake sun that we call Spray Tan.  We are not advocates of basting, skin cancer, and skin looking like old leather handbags.  Destin was a trooper, however, by entering the dark and mysterious “Tan Tent of Doom” and achieving that nice Oompa Loompa glow.  I bet he sure is going to miss sparkling though.

This week we decided to make things really difficult by bringing in two millionaires named Jim.  Not only did we have Jim squared, but they both liked Charlize Theron; wacky times at the Millionaires Office!  Jimmy was, of course, mine, because I tend to like guys with twelve-pack abs.  Doesn’t every girl?  Jimmy was quite typical as a run-of-the-mill client, in that he wasn’t too bad looking, mild mannered, and had some sort of neurosis. All must be perfect and in its place. Would you expect any less from a man built like Atlas?