Kandi Burruss Dishes on Her In-Flight Scare With Amber Rose: "We Were Going Crazy!"

The jet-setting celebs were unsettled by an unwelcome seatmate.

Last week, The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss shared a pair of Instagram videos showing her in an upper-class airline cabin alongside seatmate Amber Rose. But despite a fun neighbor and comfortable accommodations, Kandi shared on Insta that her flight with Amber was not without drama. She wrote: "A bug crawled from @amberrose's seat & she flicked it in my direction! it didn't hit me but we can't find it so we're scared to sleep on this flight..."

Well, Jet Set caught up with Kandi for a bit more detail on the rather alarming experience (video clip above). "It was really dark and [Amber's] like, 'Oh s***, it’s a bug,'" she said. "And it started crawling up on the middle console."

What was Amber's first instinct? Well, to toss that creepy crawly thing right onto Kandi. "And I was like, 'Don’t throw it on me!' Luckily it didn’t go on me but it was like this long, black, flat bug but it looked like it had a tail on it and she said it was the pinchers!"

(OMG, pinchers?!)

"I panicked," Kandi said. "I wanted to kill it, but there wasn’t any napkins around. I didn’t have anything to hit it with." She said Amber just jumped up and ran off, leaving Kandi to fend for herself.

"I'm stuck my seatbelt and I'm like, 'Give me something [to kill it with]! Next thing you know it goes down the side and we didn’t see where it went," Kandi said. "So we were going crazy. We had everybody turn on the lights. We had flashlights trying to find it. I'm like, how are we going to go to sleep on this long flight and this bug is on the lose with pinchers on the end?!"

That's a very good question.

By the way, this wasn't Kandi's only uncomfortable flight experience recently. She was also kicked off a Hawaii-bound airplane, which she says was without cause. -Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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