Marisa Zanuck

Marisa comments on the White Party antics and Taylor's Kennedy kerfuffle.

on Feb 19, 2013

As a fellow rhinoplastee (double in my case), I completely understood what Kim was feeling before her grand unveiling. Elective surgery is a nerve-wracking process filled with second-guessing, other people's opinions, and money that might be better saved on the kids' college fund -- but sometimes you got to say WTF and go for it. If Kim is happier because of her new nose...then that's all that matters. She seems to be and looks great. I'm hoping this is another step towards her full recovery from last year's tailspin.

Over at Adrienne's, Paul flashes his old high school speed to get inside the closing gates as a inferno rages nearby. . .turns out his reaction to the fire may threaten more than just the neighborhood.

We are just hours away from the White Party and Kyle starts sweating out the details. She's hoping for some last minute help but doesn't get any from Mauricio, who finds himself in what can only be described as an awkward semi prone position that looks as if he's trying to make it with a piece of patio furniture or indiscreetly take a leak.

Anyhow, Kyle always knows how to do throw a good party and manages to do so here again.