Marisa Zanuck

Marisa comments on the White Party antics and Taylor's Kennedy kerfuffle.

on Feb 19, 2013

Some brief highlights before what I hope is the last round of the "Beat A Dead Horse Into The Ground" main event include: Paul taking a lustful (last?) glance at Adrienne's knockers in the limo ride over, Ken not quite knowing where to stand when Kyle and Lisa discuss shoes, Mauricio telling Kim "you look great" on a loop, and Byron Allen ladies and gentlemen!

Finally, the face-off we have all been waiting for arrives as Adrienne, Paul, and Brandi convene inside while the others show off their questionable moves on the dance floor. It's not long before the usually merry-go-round of "he said she said" kicks off, and I'm left scratching my head wondering what actually went down until we get a tacit acknowledgment from Paul that Brandi "was warned" which confirms for me what I thought all along. . .go Brandi!

We're not done yet as the rest of the gang as well as the ubiquitous, Dwight, enter the fray. Are there hypocrites in this room? Is there of double-standard taking place? Does Ken land another great line when he responds to Paul "That made your shoe"? Has Dwight opened his mouth for the last time? he answers are all a resounding YES!

Signing off until next week. . .


PS: Didn't my baby sister Jordana and baby brother Paul look so cute in white?!?