Melissa Gorga

Melissa was happy to see Joe really try to work through his issues with Teresa.

on Jul 2, 2012

I know Teresa tried to insinuate that Kathy is just here for Rosie now because of the show. I knew Kathy and Rosie way before the show and have always seen nothing but pure love and a great relationship between the two of them. The first time I met Kathy was ten years ago at Rosie’s house. They were all making dinner together. Kathy and Richie have accepted who Rosie is, and I don’t believe that Kathy would ever treat Rosie badly. Not for a minute. Do I think they used have arguments? Of course. Rosie is very impulsive and needed time to come to terms with her life and who she is. I’m sure that put her on edge at times and I’m sure they had their arguments as sisters. But who doesn’t? The important thing is that no matter what they will be there for each other and support each other. Siblings fight, that’s normal. But they don’t hold grudges, they make up after, and they always wish the best for one another. It is a beautiful thing to see a united family.

I called Joe before he went to therapy, because I just wanted him to approach it in a positive light rather than something he felt awkward doing. I wanted him to go in thinking, “This is it, we are going to fix this.” I thought he was so cute, like a little nervous boy waiting his turn to speak to the therapist. I loved to see him like that, because it showed that he really wants to make this better. I love when he said, “Let’s fix the Gorgas!”