Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives you more details about her first Sonja in the City party and the questionable performance.

on Jul 17, 2012

All I can say is I wish you had seen the performance at the Social Life party. It was a much better match. Goodness gracious.

It was a wonderful party all in all, other than the blooper entertainment move!

We are on the first floor. I rarely go to a party where the alarm doesn't go off. Usually because I start the fireplace and forget to open the flue! My date is circling around, trying to get a moment with me. I'm laughing because I know Heather can handle herself and I know likes having a ball. Ramona seems to be up to the usual. I can't change that!

In London when we all come in the restaurant I asked Lu to let me and petite Carole walk in first, but she goes to the front, naturally, once again. She really is oblivious to my hang up. I think she is so used to being a standout, that she wants to make sure she is "on form" at all times and in charge.

I thought Lu's ears were burning because the tall girl syndrome was wearing on us girls and we discussed it. When she got back from the bathroom Carole joshed her on the one-upping. I got into the walking in thing. Truly Lu doesn't realize it.

What we say in the beauty salon stays? Ha! I love that.

I think the Countess thing is more important to Lu because she did live the life of a Countess, where Carole ready didn't. Her husband never talked about living the life of royalty. This comes out at the beauty salon. They really didn't travel the same circles. Lu runs in the jet set and Razy runs the intellectual, artsy group set.

Oh gawd I can see next week gets even worse. See you then.

(Read on for the party menu, and the lyrics to Cara's song)