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GIF Recap: Viva la Mexico!

Shannon and David join Vicki and Brooks in Puerto Vallarta; Tamra tries to convince Eddie to take care of robo-baby Astro.


Welcome back to the Real Housewives of Orange County GIF recap! Are you hungry? Heather is, but that doesn't mean she's hungry enough to cook. On this episode, she hires a private chef... because that's what rich people do.


Vicki also has a private chef stop by her condo in Puerto Vallarta while she's on vacation with Brooks. They don't speak the same language, but high-fiving is universal.


Shannon and David flew south of the border to join Vicki and Brooks for some fun in the sun. Vicki wanted to let them know it was also okay if they had some fun in the bedroom. Shannon was rightfully mortified.


Back in the O.C. at Casa Del Judge, Tamra was still hanging around with the test drive baby, Astro. He's a hard one to please (because he is a robot).


Tamra tried to convince Eddie to take Astro on a bike ride, but Eddie wasn't feeling it. The baby might not be real, but the resentment is 100-percent authentic!


Shannon and David had a hard time sleeping during their first night in Mexico. Luckily, Billy, Vicki's brother, gave up his room for the Beadors. Shannon has never been more thankful.


No, really -- we don't think she'd ever slept on a teeny, tiny queen bed before.


Soon enough, it was jet ski time! Vicki and Brooks hit the high seas like pros.


Shannon, meanwhile, held on to David for dear life.rhoc-911-10.gif

When it was her turn to take the reigns, Shannon wasn't too sure of herself.


But it turns out everyone loves a jet ski!


Before Shannon had too much fun, Vicki had to step in and set the record straight: "It's not a 'woo,' it's a 'woo-hoo!'"


Great try!


Later, it was time for a tequila tasting on the beach... which sounded like an awesome idea to everyone except Shannon.


Another thing Shannon's not a fan of: cigars. See above.


Vicki, on the other hand, is an old stogie pro. We're actually kind of scared.


A Housewife vacation can't be all fun and games -- we need a little drama in there. Shannon told Vicki about Heather kicking her out of the house. Vicki couldn't believe it.


Speaking of Heather, back at the Dubrows, her son Nicky set her and her acting career straight. Kids can be so cruel!


Despite every effort at making their Mexican vacation one big fiesta, Shannon and David were still bickering. Yeesh -- can't wait to see how they make up (or if they do) next week.

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