Team Top Chef

Ep 3: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the dishes of our lives.

on Aug 8, 2013

What a sausagefest. Amirite? 

Hello my little duck presses! (P.S. if you google "duck press," an image of David Burke from The New York Times appears. Get this man a duck press endorsement deal stat!)

I'm going to assume you all watched Battle of the Sous Chefs before the episode, so you knew what was in store for the chefs in the Quickfire Challenge. The way Hugh sneakily told the sous chefs to save their scraps, and how perfectly-designed those scrap boxes were... those Magical Elves wouldn't have made them look so nice if they weren't important. And sure enough, they were. They would serve as the Masters' protein for their Quickfire Challenge. This is a challenge I would have loved to see last year's winner Chris Cosnentino compete in. Some of the Masters curse their sous chefs  -- ironically it's the sous that did the best butchery that left their Masters in the lurch.

Some of the Quickfire highlights: Neal makes a dish he learned from David Burke. What a compliment -- I got a little choked up honestly. Curtis comments on the fat on Douglas' duck. Doug comments on Curtis' purple sweater. How dare you insult Curtis, Doug?! He-he. Bryan gets fired up over Curtis' lack of understanding of his hunting-themed dish. I don't think I've ever seen Bryan get that annoyed about anything on the show! I like new, sassy Bryan Voltaggio. Sang expresses concern that his larb is too simple, so obviously he won. Sang is on a roll, but Neal predicts his perfectionism will trip him up soon. Sang looks unfazed. Sang scares me a little. In a good way. He would make a perfect soap opera villain.

Which brings us to the Elimination Challenge -- a soap-opera themed challenge! While the chefs (except for my girl Sue) and even our critics aren't big soap fans, I can't say the same. In fact, I'm named after ra soap opera character -- Monica Quartermaine. The Reyhanis are a General Hospital family. But, I started watching Days of Our Lives later in life, so I was pretty pumped to see the cast -- especially Lucas. Where the #LUMI fans at?!