Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson applauds Micah Fields' knife skills.

on Jan 2, 2013

Josh is trying to find a chinois and getting all up in arms about it. Lizzie is having a bad scallop experience that I can relate to. They serve. Sheldon has made beef carpaccio, Lizzie has cooked scallops that suck, Josh has cooked pork. The judges finally like Josh’s pork. Sheldon’s carpaccio is a messy mess. Lizzie’s scallops are dubious, as Wolfgang says. Lizzie ain’t happy. 

Next trio: Brooke has a salmon plate with forbidden rice, Kristen has a pot pie all modernized, Micah has a duck plate with polenta. Micah excelled except the marriage of miso and polenta is not a cross-cultural winner in any of the judges' minds. Kristen is kicking butt. Even Waxman is loving it, but OMG Cosentino’s plate is incomplete. Brooke can make a salmon plate with pea puree. They likey. 

So the tops are Josh, John, Kristen, Lizzie and Brooke. Josh, Kristen, and Brooke served the best food of the day and the other two the worst. Kristen continues her run and makes the $15,000. She will also be appearing in every freezer aisle from coast to coast. 

John is still defensive about his risotto. That pan is killing this guy. Josh takes the knife handle and twists. Lizzie hated those scallops and they hated her. Not a happy dish. She is very unhappy with this and wants to be somewhere else. 

Hook is that they will now compete head-to-head to fix the memorable moment from this season, the one where I got to skewer CJ for his burger. Here we go. 

The burger battle is 45 minutes long and they get right to cooking. Tesar threatens to steal all the pickles, but even he can’t stoop that low. 

They both make pretty great burgers, but John Tesar/Jimmy Sears goes home. They both look tired. Onwards. Lizzie, keep on with your badass self. Tesar, it’s been a hoot. You’re a great chef. Cheer up.