Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson prepares for a surprising season.

on Nov 15, 2012

Tesar does seem to revel in his hated status. It’s like his Boy Scout badge of courage. He should have just gone out for the cooking badge… there is one. Opinionated off topic-alert: I would recommend that the Scouts maybe get the “We’re OK with gay” badges working too. Popular sentiment is a shifting thing, and if you don’t adjust you will be walking the dinosaur. There truly is a Nuclear Science badge, but that’s got to be crazy hard to obtain. No joke. Google never lies. 

“Go Broncooooos.” Tyler is a strange one, but he’s a keeper. 

Simple wins the day. The team of Kuniko, Tesar, and Sheldon win the Quickfire, and Tesar gets immunity with a knife grab. The world is flipped and the well-worn veterans of seasons past join the competition for the season… WHAT?

This move is not welcomed by any of the chefs. Tyler thinks this is just great… great like not great. Micah wants to f--- them up. Micah. Micah. Chill pill.  

Stefan, who looks like a shiny geoduck held upright in a Cialis trance, says that because, a) he drives a Porsche GT3 and b) he owns eight restaurants, he doesn’t need to do this. SO WHY DO THIS? Because he has an ego the size of Nebraska. I gotta admit he was a force to be reckoned with in his season. I remember being like, “This guy's a prick, but he can cook.” I just want you to be less self-aspirational Stefon. 

CJ just returned from a stage at Noma, Copenhagen. People list Noma on their resumes these days like it was Mock Trial Club in high school. It makes you look more promising to an employer, or at least to an employer really into edible lichen. 

They purvey from the pantry. Then they go home.