Hugh Acheson

Hugh imagines Justin as a child training for this exact scenario and distracting Travis with eagles.

on Dec 5, 2013

We open with Carlos making his famous sealable plastic bag salad with positive affirmations. It is good for all occasions.

Restaurant Wars is meant to show you the very condensed version of opening a restaurant. Everything goes wrong when you open a restaurant. It just is a clusterfuck beyond compare. But in 42 minutes of television we bring you a very annotated version of that stress. They will break into two teams, shop and conceive a menu, they will build a kitchen and design the dining room, and they will nominate a GM and Exec Chef to fulfill the typical leadership roles of a restaurant. Usually you find the micromanagers with palpable egos running for the leadership positions, or sometimes it's just people vying for the Exec Chef role because that's what they feel most comfortable doing. This is a tale of the latter.

"What is going on right now?" You, dear chefs, are getting Chang'd. David walks in and war is declared.

The chefs schism into two groups, purple team naming theirs "Fin" and green team dubbing their concept "Found." Did the names have to begin with the letter F? How about fool, flounder, fossil, fester or fingerfud? I am also having a hard time diagnosing the meanings for the names. Travis says something about fin meaning dorsal fin, which is like explaining the your restaurant called Grass with, "You know, like wheatgrass." Sometimes I don't attempt to understand Travis, I just say, "Look at the eagle," point at nothing and walk away.

Sara is in favor of the wide spectrum idea of "Modern American" and none of them are pastry chefs.

Travis on the other team is proud to take the mantle of front of the house. He is awesome out there the entire night because they have not made their restaurant a Vietnamese concept that he would have to over-explain. Justin is the exec chef and he is coming prepared, what with his training regimen and all. He also drops Billy Reid's name in the design ideas. C'mon people, we are not on that type of budget.