Hugh Acheson

Hugh imagines Justin as a child training for this exact scenario and distracting Travis with eagles.

on Dec 5, 2013

Brian spoon feeds Nicholas and Nicholas asks if "he be gelling," and then walks away looking all bossypants. The problem is that Brian has gelled with Xantham gum and not Agar. This is going to be way over most of America's heads but let me explain: Both are thickening agents but you use about 1/10 of the Xantham than you would Agar. He is going to have some weird goop on his hands.

This is like a game of Chef Clue and we find Justin in the pool room with a bad attitude. Oh wait, we do just that and we are still just in Top Chef.

Bowl ordering is causing the Found team some anxiety and as much as Justin wants to project an air of calm, chef diplomacy, he is kind of exacerbating the pressure cooker feeling in the room. Shirley is getting rubbed the wrong way by these Justin outbursts.