Hugh Acheson

Hugh picks the season's most condescending line, talks LSU's football prowess, and thinks lunch ladies are the future.

on Dec 18, 2013

The biscuits are still having their effect a week later. The results of last week are that we are Travis-less, which means we will learn a lot less about Vietnamese cooking and his opinions of who's on top or bottom.

Strategically I think Nicholas pulled the best tearful moment in the history of Top Chef. I have no hesitation that it wasn't sincere, I'm just saying that his timing was perfect. The judges fell for the heartstring pull and the gnudi. He is a solid contender.

Brian, a man who has really encapsulated the new joie de vivre of LA cooking with his thoughtful food, tearful family odes and penis jokes, comes through with another gem to describe the moment. Unless someone makes a "Big Boner Mistake," he asserts, they should live to see another day. Brian continues to be the enigma of potty humor.

Questlove comes in for the Quickfire. He is the leader of the Roots, the ex-owner of HyBird Chicken and the leader of Jimmy Fallon's band. Padma mispronounces "restaurateur" just like everyone else in America. Questlove is on a quest for good food and nothing will stop this quest. Drumline. Drumsticks. Lots of fowl. You get the picture.