Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson doesn't understand Bene and Brian's "spooky spa" concept.

on Oct 30, 2013

Last week saw Travis squeak through a Judges' Table at the expense of Janine, who made Hanoi-d shrimp. Given her accent the little creatures thought they were destined for the "barbie." The poor little crustaceans never saw it coming when the merciless Aussie fried all thoughts of tenderness out of them. Alas, there is some redemption to be had and Janine has emerged victorious in the first Last Chance Kitchen, which you can watch HERE.

There are lots of tears in the Stew Room. “I feel like we failed her,” says Sara, momentarily forgetting that this is a competition where one chef will take home a big check. None of this fazes Travis, who has planned much, much bigger life events to happen during his 15 minutes of fame: Travis is proclaiming to the world beyond his friends and his mother that he is gay. During a commercial break, the many variations of “It Gets Better” speeches that have become the soundtrack to their suburban home are finally making sense to his father, the one person that Travis has not told this important news to. Hopefully his pops responds with a hearty, “Big deal. All good. Love you no matter what.” 

Did you know that the first commercial use for aluminum foil was Life Savers? This is what the Wikipedia told me. The chefs walk in for the Quickfire and everything is wrapped in Reynolds Wrap, and Carlos is wondering who would do such a thing. We are reminded of the past season where they did a similar experiment and even John Tesar was fooled by the pineapple wrapped in foil thing. “Pineapple! Oh, Jesus.” Really John?

Padma and Gail have brought their moms. Awwwww. The chefs get split down to groups allied to Gail and groups pro-Padma, and then the moms are tasked with speed shopping for all the ingredients and tools. Nobody grabs the foil-wrapped Hosea in the corner. 

The chefs are unpacking the foil mess and making swans. There are a lot of different things on the tables, and there seems to be a conspiracy to give Nina’s group all of the ingredients that no one can find a home for. Her soup is about to become a halfway house for wayward ingredients.