The Best Top Chef Face Offs Throughout the Years

Relive some of the most memorable moments in the #TopChef kitchen.

What's a competition without a little sizzle? Top Chef knows the perfect recipe when it comes to challenges, always raising the stakes, turning up the heat, and lots of tension. Throughout the show's 14 seasons, there has definitely been some stand out moments between the Cheftestants as they are vying for the title of Top Chef. See some of them, below.

1.  Carlos Gaytan Vs. Nicholas Elmi

Top Chef
Knife Fight: Nicholas vs. Carlos
Nicolas is sick of being the nice guy.

Not all face offs involve a direct elimination challenge, but that didn't stop Top Chef Season 11 winner, Nicholas Elmi, from taking fellow Chef Carlos Gaytan to task over something fishy. Chef Carlos borrowed Nicholas' knife but returned it in not so great condition. Nicholas found fish residue deep in the blade, much to his frustration. "Give me the chance, I'll turn into a monster," Nicholas said, giving a stern warning to the rest of the competition, he was out for blood. Perhaps this was Chef Carlos' subtle way of advancing himself to the end. 

2.  Grayson Schmitz Vs. the Judges' Table

Top Chef
Grayson Goes on the Defense
Grayson Schmitz gets grilled over her chicken salad sandwich.

Grayson Schmitz, from season 9, thought she could wow the judges with chicken salad. She was hoping to "elevate" the dish to a status well beyond her competition, but fell short and that risk landed her in the bottom. But she wasn't going to go quietly, challenging the judges' opinion and throwing major shade at another's meatballs. 

3.  Katsuji Tanabe Vs. John Tesar

Top Chef
John and Katsuji Clash in the Kitchen
Tensions run high during the Restaurant Wars challenge.

The most recent season of Top Chef was not without its share of drama, Restaurant Wars is always a particularly tense challenge and this season was no exception when Chef Katsuji Tanabe was questioning if Chef John Tesar was doing enough on their team. The well-dressed chef of season 14 maintained that he wasn't sorry for snapping, while Chef John was only looking for a little respect. 

4.  Conflict Among Teams

Top Chef
Is This the Most Shocking Moment in Top Chef History?
One chef makes a bold move and offers up their immunity...

Also on season 14, disagreements broke out among teammates, costing a Cheftestant his immunity. Chefs Jamie Lynch, Emily Hahn and John Tesar coudn't see eye-to-eye on who was to blame for landing their team in the bottom. Chef Emily targeted John for forcing the others to use "crappy ingredients," though John couldn't seem to agree with that assessment. The drama unfolded in front of the judges and ultimately Jamie took responsibility and packed his knives. 

5.  The Judges' Get Into It, Too

Top Chef
Team Tom vs Team Emeril
The chefs are divided into two teams lead by Tom and Emeril.

Usually this kind of conflict is all in good fun! When host Tom Colicchio stands side-by-side with the cheftestants, things seem to loosen up. There's no hard feelings in the clip above between Chef Emeril Lagasse and Tom when they go head-to-head for a Thanksgiving challenge. Though the competition enters a more fine-tuned level when these greats get hands on in the kitchen. 

6.  No Traditional Condiment is Safe

Top Chef
Isaac Toups creates a new type of mayonnaise...

Chef Isaac Toups went to war with tradition and decided to create his own special side sauce. The result was #Banannaise. 

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Isaac Takes On
Isaac Takes On... St. Maarten - Finale Pt 1
Isaac Toups gets ready to go head-to-head with Top Chef season 13 winner, Jeremy Ford, but before they face-off Isaac hones his skills by challenging a local St. Maarten chef to a ceviche-off!
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