Tom on Pole Dancing and Disappointment

Tom reflects on being free on the dance floor and is appalled by Kristen’s harsh treatment of Scheana in Cabo.

I was really stoked to go to Cabo! I was a little worried about going to Cabo with this group of people, though. I was maybe a little concerned about this whole Ariana stuff clouding an otherwise great time, but figured that we would be too distracted with paddle-boarding, dancing, and tequila to sweat some annoying Jax rumors.

The one thing I was not looking forward to was hearing Stassi cram 'It's MY birthday' down everyone's throat for four days straight. Stassi didn't pay for our tickets to Cabo, or our rooms, or any dinners for that matter. So really, in my opinion, it's a trip that we all decided to take that Stassi's b-day just happens to take place during. I thought it was pretty weird to have all the girls staying together, I bet that would've been different if Stassi had a man at the time.

I think the girls took what Scheana said in the car way over the top. I'm sure it didn't help having Jax tell that to them in his 13-year-old gossip girl way, but she was obviously joking. Wish those girls would just grow up sometimes. . .at least she didn't misuse the word "literally" when she said it.

Well, at least I didn't get really drunk and pole dance in Cabo. . .what can I say. . .I was drunk? When in Rome? I'll try anything twice? I love to dance especially when I'm in a different country and don't have to worry about anyone judging. Once upon a time, I was the token white boy on a dance crew and used to compete in dance contests many moons ago, so I love to explore the fraction of skills I used to have back in the day. What else was I supposed to do while all the girls were sitting around bickering. . .That pole wasn't going to dance on itself, right?

I'm not exactly surprised that Kristen made such a stink about Scheana hanging out with us, but that doesn't mean I didn't find it ridiculous and appalling. I was actually really embarrassed at how Kristen acted towards Scheana. We are in another country, not just down the street. I could understand if Scheana was maybe being obnoxious or annoying, but her and Shay were just being they're normal chill selves. Kristen was just being a brat. Not a good look, and definitely not an acceptable way to act past sophomore year in high school.

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