Jerry Saltz

Jerry's still in shock over the Sucklord and Lola's flirting.

on Oct 27, 2011

I'm just getting over the public humiliation of being a televised douchebag. Last week, I gave the artist who turned out to be the loser, Kathryn, a hard time when I didn't know she was sick. All week long, strangers stopped me on the street, snapping, "You're mean." A woman at a Met preview scorched me as "callous." "At least that's over," I think as this episode opens -- whereupon the artists start off by saying they're aghast at my "brutality." D'oh. Anyway: After the credits, our host China Chow announces this week's challenge: "Create a piece of Pop Art!" My douchbagdom disappears as cringing begins. "Pop is bold! Pop is brash. Pop is sex!" Simon barks. I think, Pop is going to be the death of me.