Charlotte: Bobby and I Both Walked Away Feeling Gutted

Charlotte: Bobby and I Both Walked Away Feeling Gutted

Charlotte is shocked by Elise's insinuation at dinner.

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Lines Have Been Drawn When Kendra was telling Elise about the dinner with the rest of the team, were you surprised by how upset she was?

Charlotte Fenton: I was honestly shocked to see how upset Kendra was when she was downloading to Elise what happened the previous night. I think being an only child might have something to do with this. It seems as though the tiniest bit of constructive criticism hits her really hard. Bobby told her he felt a bit bossed around by her, not that he was planning on stealing her first unborn child. 

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Kendra Larkin Confides in Elise How often are you a wing woman for Bobby during his dates? 

CF: Always! I have to approve anyone that will be his BF anyways so might as well show up on the first date.

Lust Is in the Air How was it working with Elise in the kitchen?

CFYou mean Drill Sergeant Diva Chef? Haha it was awesome to see her in her element! She is a phenomenal chef. It would be cool to see her put a little more trust in us too, though. I have literally hosted hundreds of dinner parties and love cooking, too, but I kept my mouth shut. 

I wish the rest of the team got to see her having fun in the kitchen with us. We laughed a lot. What is your take on the whole "butler" argument?

CFThe racial component of the butler argument was shocking, totally unnecessary, and extremely hurtful. Bobby and I both walked away from it feeling gutted. To insinuate that Kendra was picked for the role due to her skin colour is absolutely ludicrous. For what it's worth, I also have two degrees but still work my ass off as the assistant. I literally never complained about what jobs I had to do once. The term "butler" in this context is totally colour/cultural neutral and similar to the roles played by Bobby for Kiki and her friends. 

I feel horrible if both Kendra and Elise genuinely felt that Bobby made his decision based on skin colour. I know and can say from the bottom of my heart that this was not the case. He 100% based his decision on the fact that I am his best friend and we stick together as much as we can. Canada may well have a unique multicultural perspective, but that is irrelevant in this case where sadly it seems to me that Elise is burdened with a pre-existing victim complex and clearly additionally has no knowledge of Canadian societal standards.


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